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Zesty Avocado Cream Sauce (Vegan-Paleo)!!! 

Ummm yum! This awesome sauce original DeCosa recipe is perfectly vibrant and decadent! The avocado, citrus and cashew cream make a zesty, salty, smooth addition to light snacks or full meals.  Use as a vegetable dip, over veggie pasta and rice dishes, or thin out with some white wine vinegar for a delicious and unique salad dressing! I originally created it to go over zucchini noodles for a light, but still creamy and filling, lunch (which was too good not to share- so click here for that recipe). But I have since used it in so many ways!  Feel free to add your own twist to it!

What you’ll need:

  1. 1/2 Fresh Peeled and Pitted Hass Avocado. 
  2.  2 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice 
  3.  1 Tbsp Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 
  4. 1/2 Cup Vegan Cashew Cheese Base (I always keep this DIY ingredient on hand in my fridge since it takes two hours to prep. Click here for my super easy Vegan Cashew Cheese Base made from soaked cashews, water and sea salt.)
  5.  1/2 Cup Water 
  6.  1/4 Cup Fresh Orange Juice 


    Add all ingredients into a food processor or high quality blender (I use my NutriNinja) and puree until consistency is creamy and smooth.  Cool in refrigerator for dipping and dressing use or serve as-is over veggie pasta or rice. Enjoy!


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