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DIY All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant 

Let’s instantly kill surface bacteria and microbes from toys to tables, degrease residue from last night’s dinner, disinfect the toilet seats, and even obliterate the flu virus from door handles and light switches, all from one cleaner. Oh, and let’s make it a safe and natural one. Oh, and it needs to be affordable.  Oh, and by affordable, I mean CHEAP! Sooo is that even possible?

Yes! The key is to make it yourself. That way you’ll know what is actually in your product. Also, you won’t be paying for someone else’s profit, making it much more affordable. But there’s a few things to know before making your own cleaner and disinfectant. 

First, natural cleaners are best kept in oblequ glass containers. This is because exposure to light can break down the natural chemical structures (since there are no preserving additives) rendering it ineffective as well as risking it to go rancid. The same goes for oxygen exposure. So make sure that your containers or bottles have a good seal and spray tops have a closing mechanism.  And since this recipe calls for the superhero-like aid of essential oils, glass storage is a must! Essential oils should NEVER be stored in plastic or any material that is not inert. 

So now that we have those few key points down, let’s shop!

I’m a huge Amazon fan because I love reading through reviews before making purchases, but a local craft shop should work as well.  Start with picking yourself up a amber glass spray bottle. This should run you no more than $8 for a decent quality one.  Now, that might sound like a lot to dish out on a cleaner, but keep in mind that you can reuse it over and over for… well… ever.  So this purchase needs to be but once. 

Next, we’re going to play with some essential oils! There are many different combinations out there, but my personal favorite for this task is lemon, lemongrass, and eucalyptus.  About 4-5 drops of each per 16oz bottle is enough to do the trick! *The amount used will depend on your preferred potency and the strength of the brand that you use.  This combination is so effective and widely utilized that it can be found pre-made or pre-blended.  I usually use NOW’s blend, but you can use whatever brand you are familiar with. Amazon frequently runs sales on Now’s oils and you can sometimes pick up an ounce of their lemon, lemongrass, and eucalyptus blend for around $4. And since an entire cleaner bottle only requires drops of essential oil, 1oz is usually enough to last me 6 months of cleaner and disinfectant.

Now, all that’s left to do is fill the rest of your bottle up with oxygen and water!  Or better known as hydrogen peroxide.  Super cheap and super awesome.  Don’t be intimidated by the name, hydrogen peroxide is literally just a water molecule with an extra oxygen molecule. In fact, it’s that extra oxygen molecule in H2O2 that gives it it’s super cleaning power. Ever heard of oxyclean? Yeah, the main ingredient is a powered form of hydrogen peroxide. When oxygen releases after activation, the electromagnetic force obliterates other molecular structures in it’s path.  Bye, bye unwanted grime and organisms! 

*For an added punch of power, sprinkle a little baking soda on the area needing extra tough work before spraying with the hydrogen peroxide and essential oil cleaner.  Watch it bubble and do it’s magic.  However, for most daily uses, the spray by itself has plenty of magic of it’s own. 

Note: ALWAYS make sure to label your homemade products responsibly!


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