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Nerds: Revenge of the Mean-Girls

Are nerds the new mean-girls?  Social and psychological research indicate that those who have been bullied often turn to bully others, sometimes, even more harshly.  As a long time, die-hard nerd myself, I have witnessed this unfortunate and vicious evolution of many of my fellow nerd peers, and have at times fallen prey to their… Continue reading Nerds: Revenge of the Mean-Girls

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They Dreamed to be River-Rats

Does The American Dream involve throwing things away?  For some Americans, the life of a river-rat is a long-time goal that most work their entire lives towards and work hard to keep.  River-rats, a once derogatory term given by the wealthy beach weekenders (beach bums), are ordinary people who live extraordinary lives aboard a boat.… Continue reading They Dreamed to be River-Rats