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Nerds: Revenge of the Mean-Girls

Are nerds the new mean-girls?  Social and psychological research indicate that those who have been bullied often turn to bully others, sometimes, even more harshly.  As a long time, die-hard nerd myself, I have witnessed this unfortunate and vicious evolution of many of my fellow nerd peers, and have at times fallen prey to their… Continue reading Nerds: Revenge of the Mean-Girls

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They Dreamed to be River-Rats

Does The American Dream involve throwing things away?  For some Americans, the life of a river-rat is a long-time goal that most work their entire lives towards and work hard to keep.  River-rats, a once derogatory term given by the wealthy beach weekenders (beach bums), are ordinary people who live extraordinary lives aboard a boat.… Continue reading They Dreamed to be River-Rats

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What’s A Baby Dedication And What Did It Mean For Us?

On Mother's day weekend our church hosted a baby dedication during one of their services. During the first service to be exact. During the service where I needed to be awake to nurse the baby, wait for baby to poop, change poopy diaper, bark at other children to stop playing around at the breakfast table,… Continue reading What’s A Baby Dedication And What Did It Mean For Us?

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Our Pregnancy Announment

I met my husband while he was playing a gig as the lead guitarist in a country band. A year later on my birthday, he proposed to me on that very same stage after singing a song that he wrote for me. It only seemed fitting that our next big move be announced with instruments… Continue reading Our Pregnancy Announment