Clean Eating, Green Living

Dairy-Free Avocado Citrus Summer Smoothie

Summer's coming! You know what that means? Oranges! Delicious citrus to blend with creamy avocado and the potassium packed sweetness of a banana. This avocado orange smoothie makes a perfect summer snack or a vitamin C boosting breakfast.  So simple. So clean. And so, so cheerfully good! [[Did you know that the natural properties of… Continue reading Dairy-Free Avocado Citrus Summer Smoothie

Clean Eating, Green Living

Zesty Avocado Cream Sauce (Vegan-Paleo)!!! 

Ummm yum! This awesome sauce original DeCosa recipe is perfectly vibrant and decadent! The avocado, citrus and cashew cream make a zesty, salty, smooth addition to light snacks or full meals.  Use as a vegetable dip, over veggie pasta and rice dishes, or thin out with some white wine vinegar for a delicious and unique… Continue reading Zesty Avocado Cream Sauce (Vegan-Paleo)!!!